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I want to welcome you to my website and thank you for dropping by. There’s a lot here to browse. I have had a long and varied career. I hope by exploring these pages you will come to know me as someone who appreciates all the opportunities I have had to live a pretty exciting life. Being an actor, writer and inventor of my own future has not been without its challenges, as I have never had a steady job. This is why I call myself a high-wire walker. It’s not a path that everyone is comfortable with but it offers me a life of mostly ups, some downs but always surprises.

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Our podcast; How's That Working For Ya? featuring the Shrink and Ms. Smarty Pants; Dr Bryan Robinson and Ms. Smarty Pant; author and comedian, Monica Parker. This is where we share the triumphs and tribulations that can happen to anyone. The road to success is often paved with everything from banana peels to broken glass. Success comes to those who slip and fall, get up and start over, this time knowing where those pitfalls are, having learned to find a better path.

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A work in progress - ATALANTA: The unlikely heroine of her own messy life who ultimately triumphs by taking control of circumstances that came close to ending it.

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