Monica provides a funny and inspirational look at life through society's warped fun-house mirror. Her philosophy is "Everyone wants us to change; I want us to make the most of what we've already got". That is the credo she lives by. "We all have the goods, we just have to know how to mine them!"



THRIVING WHILE SURVIVING: Using humor to enhance resiliency. In life, just like the weather, there are sunny days and rainy days. But when the occasional tsunami arrives, resilience is the undercoating that we need to protect ourselves. Resilience or flexibility is what we all need to make it through those moments when the unexpected comes our way. --- Your mother-in-law decides to surprise you by coming to spend the weekend and she’s brought her new boyfriend…and he’s a loudmouth.

We need to remember that we are not defined by our circumstances. It is our RESPONSE to circumstances that defines us. If you find yourself feeling out of sorts in your current situation, simply ask yourself this: What would you LOVE to be feeling? What action step could you take, right now, that would move you in the direction of your desired outcome? Most people get so caught up in the triggered drama that they forget to interrupt the pattern. Nothing exacerbates drama more than being reactive. Acceptance and love are two paths to resilience. Anger and resentment are not.
Monica’s take on resilience helps you to imagine your goals and them picture them fully realized. Imagine them DONE and emotionalize how that feels.

Living Large (Success at Any Size)

Monica presents her perspective on how large women are portrayed in the media and what it’s like for someone who lives with these images and pressures every day. You probably already know the answer: they don’t like fat people!

In Monica’s personal life, insanity was added to this already toxic mix when she moved to Beverly Hills. This town, where being fat is considered a criminal offense, is filled with women running around in circles, like dogs chasing their tails, as they dementedly tried to get back to their original birth weight of six-and-a-half pounds. No one tells a short person to get taller, or a tall person to get shorter, but fat people hear about their bodies all the time. It’s news! It’s the cover story in every magazine. With humor and heart, Monica disarms those who disparage body diversity and her talk shows how to make peace with being a large woman in a society that reveres small.

Aging: Gracefully or Disgracefully (It's All in the Perception)

When are we ever going to be good enough? Whatever our age we must celebrate the aging process especially if we are going to be around for such a long time. Hey, we are all older than when we came into this room and will be even older when we leave. We could use a hold button. My mind is totally into this new aging stage – It’s my body that‘s having a far harder time accepting it. Which is why God invented Advil! In all seriousness there are challenges to getting older. Most importantly is good health, emotionally, physically and spiritually. To me aging well means having community - People who care. People we can talk and laugh with. Loneliness leads to depression. Boredom leads to depression. Staying in shape through food and exercise – I’m a constant work in progress. And letting go of all toxic feelings – resentment, jealousy, anger and above all rage! We need to replace those feelings with gratitude, love and acceptance for what we can’t change. Those are the actions and feelings that keep us youthfully vibrant!


Resiliency Conference 2019 - September 2019, Trailside Event Center - Peoria, IL.

Resiliency Conference 2023

Rancho Del Puerto 2022

Mother of All Mother’s Day Event – Toronto -May 2018

The Kit: Live Beautifully Conference – Toronto – March 2018

Spoken Lives Speaker Series – Paintbox Theater - November 2017

Aging Is Changing Symposium - Ryerson University -Toronto, June/04/17

Aruba Women’s Day Conference - March 2014

Brentwood Women’s Lifestyle Show - Peoria, Illinois - October 25, 2014

Country Club, Los Angeles, CA - May 2013

We Move Forward - International Women’s Day Conference - Isla Mujeres, Mexico, March 2012

EDAC (Eating Disorder Association Canada) - November 2010

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