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"My dear friend Monica Parker, the hilarious humorist, Mother Hen to me, Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, John Candy – all of us when we started out in Toronto has written a book about truly finding yourself, being content with who you are and developing an enduring sense of self esteem."

Dan Aykroyd

"Monica is truly an amazing woman with a positive outlook that is contagious! She will make you laugh until you cry!" - Sandy Hamel, Connecticut, USA

Sandy Hamel, Connecticut, USA

"When reading Monica Parker's Oops! I Forgot to Save Money, 1 laughed out loud then it gave me pause; HAD I forgot? I loved saving up my allowance as a child and consider myself fairly frugal, but did I even know now where my money was and exactly what it was doing?? We women are sometimes happy to let others take charge of finances as if it is something unseemly or, at best, unfeminine. OR, even worse, too complicated. Ms. Parker, with humor and charm (the Erma Bombeck of Bucks!) shows you that it's NEVER too late, and that taking even a TEENY TINY bit of control over your money will make a BIG difference in your life."

Jean Smart - Mom, wife, actress (Hacks, Mare of Easttown, Designing Women, Fargo, Watchmen, and so much more...). former financial wimp

"I love Monica’s voice and her humor, her honesty and better, her truth. That love letter to her unexpected boyfriend is something every woman will want to live. I love her compassionate, funny, sharp, beautiful and romantic voice. It’ll make sooo many women feel they are not alone."

Katie Ford - writer/producer of the box office smash, Miss Congeniality and the fabled TV series, Desperate Housewives

"Monica is one insightful, witty and inspirational woman. She doesn't just show up and do a talk, she is present and makes a strong connection with her audience, because she truly cares."

Janeen Halliwell, Director, We Move Forward

"I like you. I'm fond of you, I adore you, I'm inspired by you, I'm impressed by that enough?"

Arlene Sarner

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