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Oops! I Forgot to Save Money is a cautionary tale about money, marriage, denial and deliverance. There is a real crisis today, especially with women who are terrified that they are in danger of outliving their money. There are many books that purport to offer financial advice. Mine is not one of them. This book is not a How-To but a DON'T EVER! I am the everywoman at whom the experts are yelling! Oops! I Forgot to Save Money is primarily my story, related with disarming honesty and humor. I'm definitely no specialist in the high-flying world of finance, but I do have more than 40 years of experience - way more than the 10,000 hours they say are required to make me an expert - in struggling, fearing and hiding from everything to do with money. I have earned more, saved less and not cared enough. Thankfully I learned from my mistakes. My book also includes stories told to me by other women: some who have overcome their money mistakes, others who have ultimately been swallowed whole by the wolf at their door.



"When reading Monica Parker's Oops! I Forgot to Save Money, 1 laughed out loud then it gave me pause; HAD I forgot? I loved saving up my allowance as a child and consider myself fairly frugal, but did I even know now where my money was and exactly what it was doing?? We women are sometimes happy to let others take charge of finances as if it is something unseemly or, at best, unfeminine. OR, even worse, too complicated. Ms. Parker, with humor and charm (the Erma Bombeck of Bucks!) shows you that it's NEVER too late, and that taking even a TEENY TINY bit of control over your money will make a BIG difference in your life."

JEAN SMART - Mom, wife, actress (Hacks, Mare of Easttown, Designing Women, Fargo, Watchmen, and so much more...). former financial wimp

This week, I share a big Congratulations! to author, speaker, and storyteller, Monica Parker on the publication of her newest book, Oops, I Forgot to Save Money. A personal take on that most taboo of topics (especially for women) —money! Monica’s book is part memoir, art cautionary tale, and a whole lot of fun to read! Available Sept 15, 2021, everywhere you buy your books.

Barbara McKay

Who doesn’t love a well-penned memoir? Especially one that comes with humurous yet cautionary tales about money from the ‘Erma Bombeck of Bucks’ as Jean Smart so accurately dubs Monica Parker.

Jane Chapman

Monica Parker is one of those rare individuals who speaks from a place of honesty and vulnerability, with a golden thread of humour, much of it at herself. With this book, (which I couldn’t put down) she has tapped into a universal truth; the risky love/hate relationship so many of us have with money. She writes in a way that I could swear I’m in her beautiful living room, listening, laughing and basking in her entertaining and insightful way of seeing our world.

Maja Ardal

I loved Monica Parker’s, memoir “Oops! I forgot to Save”. It’s a fast read (what I love most in a book!) about an unforgettable woman with a huge appetite for life. Parker’s stories about coming to Canada as an over-weight immigrant child, to parents so ill- matched (“they did it once.), truly touched me. Orphaned by her mother’s love of Bridge, Parker describes a childhood that she navigates for herself. Despite how this might have affected another person, Parker, blessed with a strong will, concocts a fabulous life. She marries a heartthrob named, Gilles, has a career as an actress and producer/writer, and has coast-to-coast friends – some very famous. In all the living-for-the-moment, the author says she forgot to save. Parker’s son, Ezra, tells her that his upbringing made him “risk averse”. She counters, “You’re welcome.”
Monica Parker, as droll as Dorothy Parker, has written a cautionary tale disguised as an easy read. (When I put the book down, I went on-line to check my savings.)

Linda Chandler is an advertising creative director, sit-com writer, columnist, and winner of countless international awards, including 5 Clios.

"Oops! I Forgot to Save Money" Your new book is a spectacular read! The story of a fascinating life, professional and personal success shadowed by financial insecurity. The perfect definition, ‘hope without a plan’, leading us to valuable life lessons, not to mention suggestions for desert. So much to love here especially your unique voice!

Suzette Couture

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